About me

Sandra Lasota

I was born in 1977 in beautiful Speyer am Rhein and have two teenage sons. I work as an administrative assistant for a large German car manufacturer. In my free time I am passionate about psychology, Buddhist psychology, mindfulness and meditation. In January 2020 I successfully completed my further training as a psychological consultant at the BTB - Professional Association of Therapeutic Professions. At the moment I am undergoing further training in catathym-imaginative psychotherapy according to Hanscarl Leuner.

My Life‘s Motto

Everything happens for a reason

No matter what crisis or which drama we are currently going through, in the end it all makes us stronger, more experienced and life-affirming. We become aware of our strengths but of course also of our weaknesses. Life is an eternal process and every single situation, every encounter has made us the wonderful person we are. Often we don’t recognize the meaning of a crisis until much later, but if we go through life mindfully and openly, we are able see beyond the negative and can appreciate the opportunities that arise from the situation.

Psychological consultation

What can you expect from me?

I give my full attention to you and the subject you come to me with. Whether it is sleeping problems, difficulties in partnership or at work: The solution, your awakening, your truth, everything is already within you. By giving you new impulses and maybe even asking the right questions, I will accompany you to find your own solution. This can be done by simply conducting a conversation according to Carl Rogers, by setting up a genogram or by visually displaying a timeline. I also like to work with affirmations that accompany you through your daily life, strengthen your self-esteem and bring you closer to your goal.

The consultation can take place in person, by phone or via Skype. Either I can come to you or I am also very happy to welcome you at my home.

Relaxation techniques

With which I can touch your soul and your subconscious

Whether through progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, chakra work or meditation, together we will find out what is good for you and what you need. During the relaxation process, I then lead you through a guided mediation, taking you into a kind of daydream, during which images from the depths of your soul are uncovered. With closed eyes you describe to me which pictures, colours or situations appear before your inner eye. In the following dialogue we discuss these pictures. This can bring new clarity about current or past situations and inner blockades can be released.

This technique corresponds to catathym imaginative psychotherapy. That's why the name of my website starts with "Your Soul". Catathym comes from the greek language and means "along the soul". "Your Soul" is especially close to my heart and therefore this is a wonderful way to let your soul talk or flow freely.

If you are not be able to come to see me in person, the relaxation sessions can also take place via telephone or Skype.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nonviolent communication

Nonviolent communication (NVC) is not a ́softly-washed-we-love-all`-language, but a fair, open and honest exchange that usually requires much more courage and clarity from the participants than they had previously suspected. In NVC, we are not being nice, we are being real. And that is sometimes very challenging."
Marshall Rosenberg

Whether with your partner, your own child, your boss, Nonviolent Communication can be practiced anywhere and anytime. It is important to be aware of 5 steps:

1 be aware of your thoughts, whether you judge, rail against somebody or fall into generalizations

2 express your observation concretely and value-free, what exactly happened

3 express your feelings, without allegation

4 express your need or ask your counterpart about his need: What is important to you? What is my motivation? What do you need? What do I need?

5 Express your request, positively and concretely: Would you be willing....? How do you feel about it?What would be a good next step for you?

Do you have a concrete case that you would like us to "play through" together before you actively seek a conversation with the person in question?

Your home

Your home is your oasis of well-being. When change takes place on the inside, it usually also takes place on the outside. It just happens. What do I mean by the "outside"? I don't mean your social environment, at least not in the first place. I mean here in particular your home. Do you feel comfortable there? Is your home a place to let your soul dangle, to relax, to find yourself? If so, that is wonderful, but if it is not, then it would be a pleasure for me to support you.

Concretely we check together the energy flow (Feng Shui) in your home. Can the energy flow freely or are there too many corners and edges? Maybe you have always wanted to rearrange some furniture? Or have you always wanted to sort out? Let's get active together. I support you and encourage you to "let go". Let's talk about it and feel what exactly does you, your soul, good. If you can't part with something, then maybe now is not the right time. Maybe we can find another place for it, another order to bring fresh wind into your oasis of well-being. Let's get started! I look forwardto it.



Appointments from Monday to Friday are possible by prior arrangement. Normally, you will receive an appointment at short notice. Online consultations via Skype (or Zoom), or by phone, are also possible.


- Initial consultation á 90 minutes: 100 Euro
- Session á 60 minutes: 80 Euro
- Additional 30 minutes: 40 Euro
- Online consultations á 60 minutes: 80 Euro
- Additional 30 minutes or part thereof: 40 Euro
- Clean-up sessions at your home: Flat rate, which I will set once I have got an overview. Afterwards you still can decide whether we start the action or not.

The fee is to be paid in cash after each session. For online consultations, payments can also be made by Paypal or bank transfer in advance. Cost absorption by the health insurance is usually not possible.

Duration of the consultation

As short as possible and as long as necessary. You alone determine the number of sessions.

Cancellation of sessions

Consultation sessions are binding from 24 hours before the start of the session. Appointments that are canceled at short notice or not at all, will be charged.


I am subject to the obligation of secrecy according to §203 StGB. It goes without saying that all data and information will be kept strictly confidential.


...will follow shortly...


Thank you! I try very hard to answer your request as soon as possible.

Contact info


Am Schöneck 14
67346 Speyer